More features for the best possible protection: experience the compressor protection of the future – today: with a range of diagnostic features, the new INT69 Diagnosis series protects your compressors more comprehensively than ever before.


There are many ways of carefully monitoring your compressors using the new INT69 Diagnosis: worldwide via the Internet (Internet INTelligence) or directly on site (INTelligence Direct).

The KRIWAN INT69 Diagnosis utilizes run-detection to monitor many of your compressors’ operating parameters, and saves this data in non-volatile memory. This information enables efficient fault recognition and rectification.


The KRIWAN StarterKit contains all of the components needed to connect your refrigeration system to the computer on your desk – either locally, or worldwide via the Internet.

Global access to your latest compressor data. Analyze your data and take steps accordingly – no matter where you are.


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